Is it so difficult ??

  As I walk through the passage of my memory lane, I remember so many faces that were once so known. And today is the day, when they are nothing more than known strangers. It’s not that we hate each other, but maybe, some things didn’t work out fairly enough. Maybe, I just over reacted.... Continue Reading →


Let’s dig a little deeper…

From the past few blogs, we have been having discussions only on LIFE. So today, lets talk about something else, Maybe, LOVE, but with an unconventional perspective... So, what actually is Love ? Someone may say, it’s a feeling. For some, it is the source of life. And for others, it’s the ultimate healing. Yet,... Continue Reading →

Life, as I try to understand it…

There are some moments, when life takes a sudden brake. And you were just about to fall but somehow, managed to save yourself. There are times when, even your smile becomes artificial and you are left with nothing but shallow emotions. You reach such junctures of your essence when you feel shattered and broken to... Continue Reading →

A new light…

"There is gonna come a new day with its new light that'll brighten up your life forever" Man, are you indeed serious ! Yes, I know...darkness is always associated with gloomy thoughts and a horrible, depressing feeling... But Why ? Not because you are scared of the dark or the night that falls in, but... Continue Reading →

As You Smile…

Everytime things can not be as glossy and as bright and lovely as we want them to be...Sometimes, it's how we...out of all the ugliness that's visible, find a beautiful view of it... Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder The above proverb...always inspires me to find beauty, to find love, to find happiness... Continue Reading →

Don’t Quit

When that tiny seed went into the deepest parts of the earth... When those birds flew to the highest horizon's.... When the fishes swam to the deepest trench of the oceans... There was someone watching over them... Yes, No matter how deeply you're hurt Or how bitterly you failed He was always there... watching over... Continue Reading →

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